Student Life

VMSIIHE encourages holistic development of students through diverse activities and opportunities to encourage students to explore themselves and showcase their talents and learning more about themselves and the world around them empowering them and making them global citizens and future leaders. With sports facilities and events, cultural programs and clubs, VMSIIHE provides a diverse range of social, sports, cultural and recreational activities in a safe campus to create memories that will last our students a lifetime.

Field Trips

Field Trips to spice gardens, distilleries, vineyards, industries and 5 star properties form a part of the curriculum, and students are encouraged to participate in field trips under the supervision of senior faculty.

Kaizen Cuisine Club

This Cuisine Club entices the creative taste buds of students who would like to learn more about food and about how to prepare and cook healthy and appetising meals. Members are encouraged to think up innovative cooking skills, creative ideas on recipes, different cooking standards, healthy diet, etc. Each club member shares her/ his knowledge on cuisines with other members and non-members. The club is constituted to make cooking fun and interesting for all. Members also learn about dishes of the local community and organize cooking workshops for homemakers, etc.

Kaizen Social Service Club

Realising the need to do more for others, the Kaizen Social Service Club creates an opportunity to participate in the process of making a difference in the lives of people facing difficult challenges. The club aims at building social awareness among all including the local community, reaches out to the surrounding communities and campus in times of need, finds ways to make contributions to those in need whether through monetary funding or otherwise.

Kaizen Sports Club

Catering to the needs of our sport stars within the campus, the Kaizen Sports Club holds indoor and outdoor games and activities that can be adopted to ensure healthy sportsmanship. The club ensures an environment for physical development for students and staff, providing an opportunity to the students and staff to showcase their talent in the field of sports. It creates opportunities to participate in sports contests within and outside the campus and motivates and inspires other students and staff to participate in sports events.

Kaizen Gardening Club

This club promotes gardening and horticulture activities by meeting the local community in search of different varieties of plants and procedures of cultivation. The club spreads awareness about global warming and health benefits of growing your own vegetables. It also organises competitions like largest homegrown brinjal, largest homegrown Watermelon, etc. as a fun way to promote the practice of gardening.

Kaizen Cultural Club

Understanding the zestful energy vibrant within today’s youth, the Kaizen Cultural Club encourages students to display their talents through extra-curricular activities like dance, music, acting, arts, etc. It creates an opportunity for the Institute to host and organise various competitions for other institutes to participate in, putting together music concerts, dance recitals, cultural festivals, lectures, seminars and workshops by eminent artists and scholars.


Freshers Party

25th July, 2018
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World Population Day

11th July, 2018
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Sports Day

17th November, 2017
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Teachers Day

5th September, 2017
33 Images

Fresher’s Party 2017 – Heroes & Villains

21st July, 2017
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Photography exhibition by FY Students of VMSIIHE

28th July, 2017
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Farewell Party

22nd March, 2018
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