As the GM of Goa Marriott Resort & Spa, and having ascended the ranks after my hotel management degree, I can vouch for the importance of obtaining hospitality education from a robust institute-like VMSIIHE. The right foundation of vocational academics sets a strong foothold from the start and contributes unfailingly in your career development in this sector.

Ms Ranju Alex
General Manager, JW Marriott Kolkatta & Multi-Property Vice President(MPVP) East India

Hello, it was a wonderful experience at your school. Everything from the entrance to the building, the beautiful gardens, to the classroom settings, the luncheon, the quality of food, the presentation. I was very impressed with professional setting and the attitude of the staff and students. You have an excellent organization. I can definitely say I will highly recommend your school.

Helen Liba
Owner of Bliss cafe, Canada

I am at loss of words. Having seen most of the institutes in India and a member of the first hotel schools worldwide, this school stands out exceptionally comparable to any of the best in the world. The institute has state of the art infrastructure and is very impressive. Faculty seen under the leadership of Prof. Mirza is a very competent team. Students are smart and aspirational. Salute to the promoters and the pioneering team of this green field project. The Institute has tremendous potential. May God’s blessings be the porter of every soul, who is a part of this institute!


K.V. Simon & Daisy Simon

Wonderful school. Beautiful environment. Kind people and students. Really, it is worth the effort done by the school in order to become the best school of future in
India. And it is an honour to find the young students integrated in this plan of cooperation with all potential to increase and boost a kind of bilateral relations between the two countries. As the word of the beloved director, Tourism is the business of peace and approach of peoples. Thank you very much.


Francis Duarte Azevedo
Portugal Consul General, Goa

Beautiful School! Thank you so much for showing me around your school. I am well impressed with the size and cleanliness of your school. Very professional. I will not hesitate to promote your school in New Zealand for students that would like to study in a different country. Thank you for your kind hospitality and I am sure you will become the best school in the future of India. I am very impressed.


Sandy MC Clay Rotoma (New Zealand)
Head of Faculty, NZMA


V M Salgaocar Institute of International Hospitality Education
Manora - Raia,
Salcete, Goa, India. 403720
Fax - +91(0832)-6623111
+91(0832)-6623000, 6623001

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